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Hecht & Hamlin Tennis Centers

The Hecht Tennis Center has eight indoor tennis courts and is open daily. The facilities are made up of eight glare-free Devoe illuminated courts with well paced Plexi Pave surfaces and seasonal air conditioning. There is a spacious observation deck that overlooks the front four courts. The Hecht Tennis Center is ideal for parties. Showers and lockers available. Each player must provide their own lock and towel.

The Hamlin Center has 12 all weather courts in a beautiful park setting with views of the Philadelphia skyline. The facility has stadium seating for several hundred and is open daily. There are no restroom/shower facilities onsite, use Hecht Tennis Center. Patrons must check-in at Hecht Tennis Center and receive a ticket prior to playing on the courts.

For more information, visit the Hecht & Hamlin Tennis Centers page.

Ringe Squash Courts

Located between Franklin Field and the Palestra, the Ringe Squash Courts are a convenient option for those looking to get some court time. The facility features 10 glassback international squash courts, the Al Molley Exhibition Court, and the Intercollegiate and Penn Squash Halls of Fame. Ringe has plenty of space for players. For more information, visit the Ringe Squash Courts page.

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