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PRO SHOP AT Hecht tennis center

New Wilson Demos are in and available to use and/or purchase. Stop by the front desk to try one today. Demo racquets are available upon request.

Penn Tennis Stringing*
Synthetic Gut
Original Synthetic Gut $22.00
Synthetic Gut with Duraflex or Textured $25.00
Synthetic Gut-Multifilament Softer String
Basic-Wilson Sensation $30.00
Premium-Wilson NXT $38.00
Hybrid-Enhanced Power & Feel
Basic-Polyester, Original Synthetic Gut $25.00
Standard-Premium Polyester, Original Synthetic Gut  $30.00
Premium-Premium Polyester Multifilament $32.00
Elite-Premium Polyester, Premium Multifilament $38.00
Natural-Luxilon, Natural Gut $58.00
Polyesters-Durable Strings & Power
Basic Polyester $25.00
Premium-Polyester-Babalot Pro Hurricane $38.00
Elite Polyester-Maximum Performance $44.00
Luxilon or RPM Blast $44.00
Natural Gut $70.00
*Racquet stringing is turned around in 48-72 hours


Merchandise – Available at the Front Desk
Socks $10.00
Wilson Wristbands $3.50
Lead Tape $3.50
Shock Absorbers $2.00
Per Overgrip $2.00
Per Tournagrip $3.00
3-Pack Wilson Pro Overgrip $5.00
3-Pack Tournagrip $8.00
Wilson Cushion Replacement Grip $10.00
All sales are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


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