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towel service

Complimentary shower towels are provided as part of membership at the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center and Hutchinson Locker Rooms. Towels must be returned to the blue towel bins located outside of each locker room on the same day of use and may not be stored in lockers. There is a limit of one towel per user. Towels are the property of the Campus Recreation and reserve the right to retrieve towels from lockers.

Locker Service

  • Day Use Lockers

    Day use lockers are available to members for free at both the Pottruck and Fox Health and Fitness Centers. All personal belongings (gym bags, backpacks, etc.) are NOT permitted in studios, fitness centers, hallways or gymnasiums and must be secured in lockers.

    Day use lockers that include locks are available on floors one through four of Pottruck.  For these, individuals must set a new combination each time they are used.

    Additional day use lockers can be found in the main locker rooms (tan lockers), but these require individuals to bring a personal lock to secure the locker.Combination Locks can be purchased at the Energy Zone snack bar.

    Individuals are prohibited from placing items in a day use locker and leaving the facility. Items left in a day use locker overnight may be removed at the discretion of Campus Recreation staff.

    Please remember both your combination and locker number.

    Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

  • Locker Room Rentals

    The Pottruck Health & Fitness Center offers rental of full & half-length lockers in its lower level locker rooms, as well as smaller hallway lockers throughout the facility.

    The Tse Sports Center at Hutchinson Gym has lockers convenient to Fox Fitness Center, Penn Park & Ringe Squash Courts. A Recreation Membership is required for locker rental at the Tse Sports Center.

  • Hallway Rentals

    The Pottruck Health & Fitness Center offers rental of the quarter and half-length hallway lockers on floors one through four.



Locker Rental Rates

  • Visit Membership Services to complete an application!

  • Pottruck Locker Rooms

  • Men's Locker Room is SOLD OUT

    Full-length: $150
    Half-length: $125

  • Pottruck Hallway Rentals

    Half-length (Floors 1-4): $75
    Quarter-length: $50

  • The Tse Sports Center @ Hutchinson Gym

    Full-length :$150
    Half-length : $125

Hours of Operation

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