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Intramural Code

This code (in conjunction with sport specific modifications and accredited association rules) will govern all IM sports and events. The rules outlined in this code are subject to change at the discretion of the Intramural Director and/or Department of Recreation staff. The staff reserves the rights to amend, add to, or delete from this code with the overall success of the program in mind.

Statement of Risk

Before taking advantage of any of the recreational sports and fitness activities at Penn, we urge you to consult your physician regarding your ability to participate in the activities offered. The University assumes that all participants have verified their own health and fitness, have obtained proper health insurance, and realize they are responsible for the risks inherent in any recreational activity.

Sportsmanship Ratings

Officials for all Intramural contests will confer to give a rating on a 0-4 scale for each team. Self-officiated sports will have sportsmanship ratings given by the Intramural Supervisor on duty.

Teams must have a 3.0 rating at the end of the regular season in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

Sportsmanship Rating Guidelines

4 Points: Above average conduct and sportsmanship. Players cooperate with officials and team members. The captain calmly converses with officials and has full control of the team.

3 Points: Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension that may cause one or multiple warnings.

2 Points: Team members show verbal dissent toward officials, supervisors, and/or the opposing team, which may or may not result in warnings. Captain exhibits minor control over his/her teammates or himself/herself. A Team that has a player ejected will receive no higher than a “2” rating.

1 Point: Poor conduct and sportsmanship. Team members continuously dispute the officials’ calls or abusively speak to the officials or opposing team. The captain has little control over self or team.

0 Points: Team is completely uncooperative. Captain has no control over teammates and/or himself/herself. Any team causing a game to be forfeited or receives multiple ejections and warnings shall receive a “0” rating.

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      • Captain’s information

        1. The Intramural office is in the membership office in the Pottruck Health & Fitness Center.
        2. The web site is www.imleagues.com/upenn
        3. The phone number is 215-898-6100.
        4. The each team member will be required to sign a waiver prior to his/her first game and show their PennCards at each game.

        Things to know and do :

        1. Sign up online at www.imleagues.com/upenn.
        2. Complete the online waiver. No one can play without signing the waiver form.
        3. Pay the $100 performance bond; you will get this back if you meet all of the guidelines outlined in
          #7 below.
        4. A Captain, Co-Captain and/or team representative must attend ALL of the required meetings for that particular sport. Failure to attend the meetings will result in forfeiture of your performance bond, and could affect your team’s eligibility.
        5. You, as the team captain, are responsible for the eligibility and behavior of your team members.
        6. You will be expected to know and comply with all rules and guidelines that may apply to the sport that you are participating in. Copies of sport specific rules, the IM Code and accredited association rules are available in the IM office and online at www.imleagues.com/upenn.
        7. Your team will lose its entire performance bond for any of the following:
        • One forfeit, missing a captain’s meeting, or unsportsmanlike conduct or other violations at the discretion of the Intramural staff.
        • After a forfeit, the team becomes ineligible for the playoffs and can be disqualified from the league after two forfeits.

        Assumption of Responsibility: I have read and understand the Intramural eligibility rules and have verified that each player on my team complies with these rules. If there is an error or discrepancy I will assume full responsibility. Failure to comply with these rules will result in sanctions being levied against the individual and/or team in violation as set forth in the IM Code.

      • Eligibility

        All University of Pennsylvania faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate & graduate) are eligible to play intramural sports. Additionally, community residents and alumni who have purchased recreation memberships are eligible to play in intramural sports. Please see the section below entitled “Divisions” for information regarding which division your team is eligible to be entered in.

      • Rosters

        Rosters contain a lot of useful information, and therefore should be filled out in full. Players may be added to your roster throughout the regular season; however, each player must read and sign the waiver form prior to competing. Once the playoffs begin, no new players may be added to a team’s roster.

      • Playoffs 

        Only players who have competed in at least one regular season contest may participate in the playoffs. (I.e. if someone is on your roster, but has not played in a regular season game, that person may not compete in the playoffs.)

      • Sport Clubs

        Sport club participants who are members of a traveling team are limited to two players per team (in a same or “like” sport), and must participate in the high competition division. Members of an individual sport club (badminton, tennis) may not participate in the same or “like” sport.

      • Varsity, former varsity, and Professional athletes

        1. Current varsity athletes may not participate in a same or “like” sport. Former varsity athletes at this or another NCAA sanctioned institution must wait one calendar year from the time he/she was last on the roster to participate in a same or “like” sport.
        2. Professional athletes may not participate in a same or “like” sport.
        3. Former professional athletes must wait one calendar year from the last time he/she competed professionally to be eligible to compete in a same or “like” sport.
      • One Team

        Players may play on only one team in each sport’s division.

      • “Like” Sport

        Refers to sports that require similar skills. For example, softball and baseball are “like” sports as are rugby and flag football.

      • ID Verification

        PennCards will be checked at all IM contests to verify eligibility. If participants do not have their PennCard present, they will not be permitted to play.

      • Divisions

        Men’s Competitive Division (Men’s Comp)

        This division is for Penn students (undergrad and graduate). It is for highly skilled, experienced players and is designed to be a competitive league.

        Men’s Recreational Division (Men’sRec)

        This division is for Penn students (undergrad and graduate). It is for less skilled, beginning players and is designed to be a recreational league.

        Graduate/Faculty/Staff (GFS)

        This division is for Penn faculty & staff, graduate students, as well as alumni recreation members. League format will depend on the number of teams entered.

        Co-Ed Recreational (Co-Rec)

        This division is comprised of teams with equal numbers of males and females. Number of participants differ from sport to sport so please see each sports rules for further clarification. Skill levels in this league vary.

        College House (CH)

        This league is reserved for teams comprised of residents of the university’s college house system. All teams must have twice the number needed to participate registered on their roster to be approved. For specific rules about the College House teams, see the information in College House Cup rules.


        This division is for only female participants of any status (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, etc.)

      • Protests

        Rules Protests

        If you feel that a rule has been interpreted and/or applied incorrectly you must protest immediately. Ask the game official to get the Intramural Supervisor on-site. Calmly discuss the scenario, how the rule was applied, how you think it should have been applied, etc. The Intramural Supervisor will then make a decision based on the information that has been presented. The supervisor’s decision is final. No protests will be honored once play has resumed after the play in question.

        Note: Protests of officials’ judgment calls will not be honored. Intramural Supervisors will only honor protests of rules interpretations.

        Eligibility Protests

        If you think your opponent is using an ineligible player, or is violating our eligibility rules in any way, please inform the game official or Intramural Supervisor. The game will continue as normal, and the Intramural Staff will investigate the matter. If you discover the violation after the game is completed you can file a protest in the Intramural office by 12 Noon of the following day. Please have the player in question’s name available, the Intramural office will not investigate every player on a team based on the notion that one player may be ineligible.

      • Responsibility

        It is incumbent upon the captain of each team to take the time and make the effort to inform his/her team of all rules and regulations set forth in this set of rules, as well as any other set of rules that may apply to a given activity. These rules are designed to make intramural sports fun and enjoyable for everyone, while at the same time maintaining the competitiveness inherent to each sport that we offer.

  • Alcohol Policy

    As per University policy the Department of Recreation prohibits “The consumption of alcoholic beverages by all University students and employees so as to adversely affect academic or job performance and/or endanger the physical well-being of other persons and/or oneself, and/or which leads to damage of property.” Additionally, “…consumption of alcoholic beverages in outdoor public areas…is not permitted regardless of the age of the drinker.”

  • Tobacco Policy

    All recreation and athletic facilities are smoke free (including outdoor areas).

  • Forfeits

    Each team will be required to pay a $100 performance bond. Your team will lose this performance bond for any of the following:

    1. Any forfeits
    2. Missing a captain’s meeting
    3. Missing deadlines
    4. Unsportsmanlike conduct
    5. Disqualification from league


    A forfeit will be declared if your team fails to show up with a minimum number of players. This number will vary from sport to sport, please see the sport specific rules for the sport in question for requirements of each sport. One forfeited game will result in loss of your team’s performance bond and will eliminate your team from playoff contention. A second forfeit will be cause for disqualification from the league.

  • Equipment

    1. All participants should wear proper recreational attire. This includes t-shirts, gym shorts, wind or sweat pants, and athletic closed toe shoes.
    2. Jewelry or sunglasses should not be worn. Using tape to cover jewelry is not acceptable.
    3. Metal cleats are prohibited
    4. Participants wearing casts are prohibited from intramural play
    5. At the discretion of the Intramural official and/or supervisor, players may be asked to remove clothing or accessories that may be dangerous to him/herself or competitors.
  • Rescheduling


    Games canceled due to rain or other weather related reasons will not be made up.


    As a general rule, we will not reschedule games. We accommodate preseason requests as best we can, but will not reschedule regular season games barring extenuating circumstances. During playoffs we will do what we can to accommodate all teams.

  • Mutual Agreement

    This code, coupled with the sport specific rules and sport association rules, will govern all intramural events and activities. The rules governing intramurals, including this code, sport specific, and association rules, may not be changed or ignored by mutual agreement of team captains or individual competitors.

  • Employment

    The Department of Recreation offers various employment opportunities, including Intramural Officials, Supervisors and Office Assistants. If you are interested, click here.

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