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Fran D
Swim Instructor
Fran has been teaching swimming at Penn for 15 years (she started teaching at the former pool at Hutchinson). Now a high school teacher, Fran has also taught Water Aerobics, Parent-Infant class and Adult Beginner class. She also coaches a middle school team in Villanova and coached the high school team at String Theory High School in Philadelphia. Some of Fran's strengths as an instructor are working with adults who fear the water, working with parents, and teaching runners and people who practice yoga how to be better swimmers. She also likes teaching flip turns. Although she primarily works with adults, she works with swimmers of any age and ability level.
Rob H
Swim Instructor
Rob is an artist, yogi, vegetarian, cycletarian and veteran swim instructor. He loves to share his love of the water with everyone from infants to adults, brand new beginners to competitive and advanced swimmers. He believes that comfort leads to confidence, and confidence leads to greater comfort. He works at making his classes fun, and progressive from any starting point.
Connor H
Swim Instructor
Connor first began teaching swim lessons and classes after working as a lifeguard at a summer camp and community pool. She spent most of her summers as a kid swimming, so it only felt right to help others enjoy the water as much as she did! Connor has been teaching swim lessons since 2014 and has the most experience with toddlers and children. She is especially experienced with bilingual swim lessons and can speak Spanish, French, and Russian fluently — Connor is definitely able to overcome a language barrier. She also likes teaching teenagers and adults who may not be as comfortable in the water as they would like to be. She loves seeing her students learn to love the water and growing comfortable enough swim independently.
Max R
Swim Instructor
Max has been teaching swim lessons to people of all ages throughout high school and is excited to continue here at Penn. He has been a competitive swimmer for more than a decade, specializing in freestyle and butterfly. Max loves to teach all strokes and is eager to teach people of all ages and skill levels. He loves to watch his clients improve and reach their personal swimming goals.
Tess D
Swim Instructor
Tess is currently a Nursing Major at Penn from Fort Collins, Colorado. She has been teaching both group and private swim lessons since 2014 to swimmers of all different ages and abilities. Tess began giving lessons when she was swimming competitively in high school. Her favorite part about teaching people to swim is watching them grow more comfortable in the water and master new skills.
Bridget B.
Swim Instructor
Bridget is a junior studying Sociology at Temple University who enjoys float therapy, water aerobics, Zumba, painting, drawing and crafting. She was a certified ARC lifeguard from 1998-2018 at various locations throughout the city and has also trained lifeguards for the last 11 years as a certified American Red Cross LGI. Her swim instructor path began in 2005 and has been an acclaimed passion of hers helping those meet their goals for aquatic fitness and comfort. From teaching guided discovery for parent child swim lessons to refining stroke mechanics for swim masters, Bridget maintains a constant goal of safety while contributing to an encouraging atmosphere for all students.
Sophie R.
Swim Instructor
Sophie is an undergraduate student at Penn. She is a certified lifeguard and has four years of experience teaching private and group lessons to swimmers of all ages. Being a competitive swimmer, she is always excited to teach everything from blowing bubbles to butterfly. Sophie is looking forward to helping all swimmers boost their comfort level and enjoy themselves in and around pools.
Lisa E.
Swim Instructor
Lisa has loved swimming since age 5. She has taught swimming of all levels to people aged 3 years old to 65 years old. She always looks forward to a chance to be in the pool and loves teaching all levels of ability, from floating to flip turns. Her favorite thing about teaching swimming is watching her students improve and become confident in the water. She loves teaching all levels of swimming and focuses on reaching the student's goals and always welcomes questions about why swimming techniques are important to learn and do correctly.
Maddie R.
Swim instructor
Maddie has been teaching both group and private swim lessons since 2013. She began teaching with Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey and has grown to teach all age groups and abilities. She loves teaching children and is looking forward to instructing parent/child class at Penn. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing a student go from doggy-paddling to stroke proficiency. Maddie is Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and Red Cross Lifeguard certified.
Amanda W.
Swim Instructor
Amanda is certified through the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor. She has 11 years of swim experience through structured lessons and continues to swim as an adult. She is a preschool teacher for kids on the Autism Spectrum and works with the same population in their homes as an ABA therapist. Amanda’s goal is to teach individuals how to swim in a safe, collaborative and fun way
Teharah W.
Swim Instructor
I have been teaching swimmers of all age groups for 5 years. I love seeing my swimmers accomplish their swim goals and having fun in the water. I love horror movies, travel the world and I love my job.
Jackie G.
Swim Instructor
Jackie is a rising junior Political Science and Global Studies major at Temple University. This is Jackies first year giving lessons and lifeguarding at the University of Pennsylvania, but this is Jackie's third summer as a lifeguard and second summer as a swim instructor. Jackie has given lessons to children as young as 1 to as old as 10 years old. Jackie loves seeing her students succeed and advance in their skills, while still keeping lessons and classes fun for the students.

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